Learning From Scratch
Reuse. Recycle. Create.

Over 17 years of turning industrial waste into creative and learning materials.

Our Mission

Learning from Scratch will become a conduit through which corporations and individuals can connect with the community to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society with innovation, education and conservation as pillars for success.


Our materials come from corporations that want to dispose of their unique waste in a responsible way. They are pleased to know they can help the community simply by recycling their waste with us.


We turn the waste from local companies unique crafting and project materials for individuals in the community to use. When buying from us, people are assured that they are helping drive both the creative and environmental community.


Our process of changing waste into crafting materials brings companies and individuals closer together. Along with providing this wonderful service, we host several community-driven events and take part in the great crafting community in Grand Rapids.

What We Sell

Learning From Scratch features a wide variety of crafting products from the most conventional to the most unconventional.